The Obama Narrative

Will We Allow “Whoever Tells the Best Story” to Win?

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The title link above takes you to a website that discusses strategies for “changing the narrative” to counteract the progressive narrative.  Barrack Obama has become the personification of this narrative and we must understand what the real “story” is in order to make our narrative heard.

I like the name of the website: “”  For those of you who are not familiar with Esther of the Bible, she is the woman who found the courage to save the Jewish people from genocide. It is a good story; check it out.  The title of the blog is “Manipulation Watch.”  Telling a good “story” can lead people to truth, but it can also be used to manipulate.  I’ve taken a closer look at a few parts of the progressive narrative.

The Demonizing of the Tea Party

I discussed in a previous post “teapartyphobia.” That irrational fear of individuals who self-identify as a Tea Party member.  The first real world observation I can recall was a news story (complete with video) about some tea party members protesting in Quincy, Illinois, in a location close to where President Obama was scheduled to make a speech.   As a group, which included seniors in lawn chairs, sang “God Bless America” the riot police marched in in full gear.  I felt like I was watching a Monty Python episode!  The link above includes a response to a Quincy Herald Whig report that apparently misrepresented the incident.  I also found a blog post by someone who calls herself “uppity woman” (I like it!)  Her post also includes a Monty Python clip about “senile delinquents.”  It is definitely worth watching!

It is also emphasized frequently that the Tea Party is predominantly white.  One would think there is no diversity in the many groups of people who want to restore the integrity of our Constitution.   That is not reported because it is not consistent with the “story” being told.  Did you know that there are “Tea Parties” being formed in other countries, such as Italy? Again, this does not fit the narrative, so you probably do not.

This is happening in a world where our Department of Justice dismisses voter intimidation charges against Samir Shabazz (see my July 8, 2010 post on Social Justice.) Even more disturbing to me is the response by Chairman (New Black Panther Party) Malik Zulu Shabazz.  Please watch this four minute interview and ask yourself, “In what context IS it acceptable to ‘kill white cracker babies’?”  In what context IS it acceptable to kill police officers?

Insulting and assigning violent intentions to stroller-pushing moms and lawn chair toting seniors fits with the progressive narrative, punishing Samir Shabazz and getting tearful about the dangerous rhetoric of Malik Shabazz does not.

Restoring Honor and One Nation Rallies

In my post regarding the meaning of “Restoring Honor” I pointed out some of the claims; it was going to be a pit of hate, it was just a bunch of racist white peopleHe was mocked. The fact that there are “people of color” there is not reported.  The videos and the pictures do not fit the script of the progressive narrative.

Historically the strategy of using and inciting violence has been a progressive/leftist tool.  If you create chaos you can create a situation where the government “must swoop in” and save the day.

The One Nation Rally organizers included individuals and groups that have advocated and/or used violence in the past and some that advocate the use of violence now.  Roz Pelles, the Steering Committee Liaison” was involved in the Communist Workers Party, which was previously known as the Workers Viewpoint Organization.  This was a radical Maoist group that considered the Communist Party USA “lacking in militancy.”  Many of the other groups who supported the October 2nd rally are socialist or communist organizations.  Communist and Socialist organizations whose members have said:

“If you can’t open their minds, open their heads.” Ben Becker

“We are living in a time that is going to dwarf the McCarthy era…the internment of WWII….they are coming and they are coming after you.” Bertha Lewis (at winter conference for Young Democratic Socialists)

We have to bring this government down.  We have to help destroy this system and that requires increasing the alienation that working class and oppressed people feel.  The way change is going to happen in this country is through the destruction of what we call the United States of America.”  Jed Brandt at Brecht Forum

Progressive World View vs. Reality

The progressive narrative implies a sequence and causality of events that does not fit with the real world.  It also creates a victim mentality often expressed as “oppressed peoples.”

Consider this from Vice President Joe Biden:

Every single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century, and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive.”

Does that fit with your reality?  My reality tells me that, as Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

Also consider something Florida Congressman-elect West said recently:  “It’s not about being a victim.” This definitely does not fit with the progressive narrative.

Know Your History and Decide for Yourself
Things to do:
*I encourage you to watch the Glenn Beck 5-part special “Revolutionary Holocaust“available at Youtube.  Find out why Marxism, Socialism, Communism and Progressivism are not the answer; they are the problem.  Then watch the Young Turks describe the presentation as a distortion of history.  Then, as Glenn implores frequently, do your own research and decide for yourself.

*Read Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. Then read critiques of the information presented therein.

*I also encourage you to watch The History of Political Correctness at the NewZeal blog.

*Check out the “Obama Chart” for a visual presentation of how the systems of our Constitutional Republic is being destroyed.

*Finally when you think about the request for “compromise” in the next couple of years consider the concept of the “Overton Window.” Knowledge is power.  Know what you believe.  Know where you will stand and say, as Gandalf said in The Lord of the Rings:  “You. Shall. NOT.  Pass!”

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