No, Dennis Prager Does NOT Rape His Wife

sailor_kissing_nurse_2Are you aware of types of behavior that are considered rape which, in my mind & anyone else’s mind who might still be in touch w/ REALITY, do NOT constitute rape.
When I became aware of this I was very angry. Why? Because women who actually experience this heinous crime are trivialized.

Case in point would be the French leftist females who call themselves feminists think a statue that depicts that famous photograph of a sailor kissing a woman needs to be destroyed because it represents sexual assault. (I see the scenes of Disney movies edited to have Prince Charming ask permission to kiss Snow White or Phillip ask permission to kiss Aurora.  Those guys are going to wait a long time cuz neither is going to wake up until they are actually kissed.)

So, of course, in response to Dennis Prager calling American feminists out in regard to the “culture of rape” narrative, they subsequently demonize Dennis. (see link below.) Why?  Because to admit their trivialization of actual sexual assault would perhaps cause them to think critically about their lies….and, gasp, realize the damage they’ve done.

I want to say unequivocally that the French women and their American counterparts do NOT speak for the majority of American women.

This also appears to be a world wide narrative. If you’ve read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo you were exposed to some staggering statistics about rape in Sweden. I researched those statistics & it appears, among other things, that if a woman has sex with a guy one night and decides LATER that she did not really want to, the dude can be charged with rape. Do YOU think that’s right?

You may think Julian Assange is the scum of the earth, however, looking very closely at the Swedish charges of rape against him gave me pause. We don’t know the whole story but the reports I’ve read don’t add up to rape. He may indeed be guilty but the wide ranging behaviors that constitute rape according to Swedish law are suspect.

If you look closely at what kinds of behavior constitute rape in the feminist narrative you will see that an unwanted kiss is considered sexual assault.

Which brings me to this article written by Dennis Prager, titled The Left’s Tactics- A Personal Example.

An excerpt:

“First, truth is a not a left-wing value (though, of course, some individuals on the left have great integrity). If you don’t know that, you cannot understand the left. Truth is a conservative value (though, of course, some individuals on the right lie). From the Bolsheviks to today’s left-wing, lying is normal. Not one left-wing comment or article (except for the HuffingtonPost reference to the MIT report) even dealt with the issue of the truth of the claim that one out of every five female college students is sexually assaulted/raped, or the truth of the charge that our universities are a “culture of rape.”

Indeed truth is not something the left-wing folks seem to value.  They appear to prefer the convenient lie and emotional manipulation.  When you call them on this many respond viciously as this article points out.

Seriously, Snow White AND Sleeping Beauty would never wake up….unless they signed a Snow Whitecontract BEFORE eating the apple and pricking the finger….notarized by a feminist lawyer.

Even more seriously, I think we should think twice before we trivialize the pain and trauma women experience when they are violently assaulted.


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