A Collectivist World View vs Reality

Socialism? Communism? Progressivism? Agenda 21?

In one of those “teachable moments with my son I explained to him one of the basic reasons for fiscal responsibility:  “At some point,” I told him, “You begin to spend other people’s money without express permission to do so.” I also added that it assumes that those “other people” (in this case his parents) will have the money to give you.  This, alas, is not a safe assumption, especially given the current state of our economy. Parents “bailing out” their children also communicates to them that they are incapable of independently making their way in the world and taking full responsibility (and the accompanying consequences) for their actions.  This is not only an insult, but it prevents them from finding out just how much they ARE capable of.  And everyone benefits from that!

It seems to me that our elected representatives have been doing just that.  Re-distributing wealth according to their socialistic world view.  The Socialists and Communists are pulling off the masks and telling us who they are. They don’t point out what has happened historically in communistic regimes.  They don’t mention Mao or Stalin killing millions of people.  We now refer to communist China’s government as “State Capitalism” and say we need to be more like them.  Along with this we’ve created and nurtured an “entitlement mentality” in large segments of our population, thus weakening their ability to independently and responsibly live their lives.  In other words: we’ve trained them to accept whatever fish the elite decide to give them instead of teaching them to fish.  They’ve been told in many different ways that they cannot survive on their own, so the highly intelligent and, I might add, wealthy elite need to take care of them.  It is interesting to point out that they demonize and point fingers at “those rich people” as the source of all of our problems.  When they do this I am reminded that while the one finger is pointing at those evil rich people and corporations that four others are pointing back at them.  They tell us that we need to re-distribute the wealth and resources because life in our Constitutional Republic and Capitalistic system just is not fair.  It requires “fundamental transformation” and the achievement of “social justice.” Hmmmm…..let’s look more closely at just what they mean by that.

Agenda 21 and the New World Order
(See Agenda 21 for Dummies video link below for an overview of what this might mean to you)
I recently read a quote with sadness in my heart:
“Remember, Satan loves you better.  Come over to the dark side.  We have cookies.”
I actually have a version of that statement as a wallpaper on my Ipod: Come over to the dark side.  We have cookies. The reference to “evil” is implied as any Star Wars fan could tell you.  

But what is really on the other side? I have a follow up wallpaper that says:  Welcome to the dark side.  Are you surprised we lied about the cookies?
In the case of the socialists, communists and progressives, I think they are lying about the cookies…or, at least, lying about just who is going to end up with the most cookies and who is going to end up starving.

The title link in this post takes you to an article on something I believe most of you have never even heard about; the United Nations “Agenda 21.”  The author of the title link article refers to it as “Artificial Paradise, Inc.”  I would say another term for it is “Crime, Inc.” but that’s already been used in reference to more localized issues 🙂  Agenda 21 is something you need to read.  What happens to all that you have worked to achieve in your lifetime: your home, your retirement account, your land?

So, you read “new world order,” scoff and think that is some wild conspiracy theory.  Well, it’s coming to a planet near you.  The problem is that there are many facets to the structure being put into place it is a bit difficult to summarize in a manner which sticks to the “four minutes or less” that is easily digested.  I will try, however, to give you some resources for further reading and research so that you can decide for yourself what your “tipping point” will be; at what point do you say to yourself, “That’s NOT OK with me!?”

On a recent appearance on Fox, John Bolton, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, posed a question worthy of consideration:

“Do we want our decisions about our country’s future made in our democratic/constitutional framework, OR, in bodies of international organizations’ negotiations that are not visible to our citizens and over which they can exert no control?”

Daniel Hannan, eleven year member of the European Parliament and author of The New Road to Serfdom said:

” You cannot move toward total global government and be democratic.  What the US will give up is what it fought for in the first place. The report says that sovereignty will be forfeit so ‘get used to it.”

The report he refers to is:  Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World.  This is a report from the National Intelligence Council.  This Council has produced “estimative intelligence”–forward- looking assessments of national security issues –for US senior policy makers since 1979.

Post-Election: Where Do We Go From Here?
Some say that on November 11, 2010, the people spoke and they spoke loudly that they wanted to restore the integrity of our Constitutional Republic.  It seemed to focus on fiscal responsibility and the national debt, but the big picture is the type of government we’ve assumed would always be there.  Many citizens believe that we are still playing the game by the rules our Founders established, but this is not the case.  We’ve come to the arena thinking that some basic principles and values are shared by both sides.  They are not. Glenn Beck is being mocked and marginalized (what else is new?) for his special report this week on “The Puppet Master,” George Soros (aka “the spooky dude.”)  If you listen to his presentation with an open mind you have to come out of it with some pretty important questions and concerns.  I recommend you do some research on this man who said:

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States” The Age of Fallibility.

“It is sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.” 6/3/93 The Independent

Glenn Beck has provided a background guide that cites sources and more at TheBlaze.com.

What Does the Republican Tsunami Really Mean?
What do those newly elected representatives intend to do?  We the People made some clear statements in this election and one of them was to restore the proper balance of power between the State and Federal Governments.  I don’t think many people voted for a new world order or for global governance. We see daily the adverse, and at times, unintended consequences when we remove the decision-making power from a state or local government and move it to a place where local concerns are no longer known much less considered.  Our Founders knew that the power vested in the States needed to balance out the Federal government’s powers.  We’ve drifted far from this and we need to turn the ship around and return to sound principles and values. The Tenth Amendment Center’s website is a good place for you to start building your knowledge base.  Knowledge IS power!  Some of the articles below offer criticisms of Glenn Beck’s Puppet Master shows.  I include them so you can decide.  However, you really do need to watch the entire show(s) AND do some of your own research to make an informed decision.  Most of the opposing articles admitted freely that they could not finish watching the show(s).  And, if you fully understand the difference one’s world view makes you will begin to see clearly the choice you need to make.

So, at the risk of oversimplifying the issues, we need to continually choose between:
A free market……..or……government controlled entities
Hard work…..or…… Handouts
Personal Responsibility……or……..Bailouts
Liberty………….or……….”Controlled Liberty”(aka global governance)

I, for one, want to earn and make my own cookies…AND decide how many I want to eat and how many I will give to people who truly cannot earn and make their own cookies.   What about you?

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