Let the Vetting Begin (and it’s going to take more than four minutes!)

This morning my husband read something to me from our local newspaper.  It was in regard to reading books on tablets and how many distractions there are that might pull one’s attention away from the book; email, Twitter and Facebook to name a few.

The writer, seemingly proudly, said that these distractions made her a “more discerning” reader and that many more books ended up in her BNF (books not finished) category.  As I said the writer seemed to believe that this was a GOOD thing.

I beg to differ.  I see it as just one more sign that our collective attention span is being diminished at an alarming rate.  I wrote a post back in September of 2010 at my old blog site titled: Everything You Need to Know in Four Minutes or Less.  In it I said:

This brings me back to the main theme of this post.  We cannot expect to get all the information we need to make important decisions in “four minutes or less.”  We need to seek more information, but, even more importantly, we need to seek insight into the sources of our information and the “facts” presented therein.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” sounds good on the first reading, but if you seek insight into what this actually means in the real world you might have a different opinion. 

So I am reminding We the People that it is time to vet our presidential candidates and that includes Barack Obama.  I would urge you to find out the truth and decide for yourself which world view you will be voting for with full knowledge of what that world view means when it is put into practice.

Breitbart.com has just posted the first of many articles that Andrew promised prior to his untimely death.  It will take you time to read.  It will take you time to research issues you want to confirm for yourself.  It will be time well spent.

The Vetting, Part I: Barack’s Love Song to Alinsky is something you should read.  If you do not know who Saul Alinsky is, find out.  I’ve mentioned him in many of my posts.  Get Rules for Radicals out of the library and read it….read ALL of it.

Find out who Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn are.  Find out their history with the Weather Underground.

Find out who Larry Grathwohl is.  Here’s a start:

Reading the whole story is sometimes difficult and it takes time, but if you add this to your BNF list you won’t know what you are missing.  You won’t realize what you are voting for until it is too late.

The people I’m going to have the hardest time with in a few years if we don’t turn this train around are those who will say to me: “I didn’t know.” OR “I didn’t think it would lead to this.”

I’m going to have a hard time resisting the urge to give them a “Gibbs.”

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The Secret to American Prosperity

This video was created in 1948!  It has been posted on YouTube but can also be found here.

Thinking everyone needs to watch this again and think about its pertinence in today’s world.

(H/t to Dan Smee and Totally American via Facebook!)

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Andrew Brietbart’s Rallying Cry

At CPAC 2012, Andrew Brietbart gave us all some marching orders.  Today we mourn the loss of this conservative voice.

I highly recommend a post at Gulag Bound, One Falls Along the Way, as well as a post by Rush Limbaugh for some further thoughts on the loss of this man who stood and spoke Truth boldly.

Prayers going up for his family and friends.

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Sharia or Not Sharia, That is the Question

In December of last year there was a controversy over Lowe’s decision to pull its advertising from the TLC show “All-American Muslim.”

The American Muslim site stated:

The Islamophobia network was enraged that this program only depicts normal American Muslim families, and doesn’t include terrorists, criminals, perverts, and other types that exist in the Muslim community (as they do in all communities).  According to the Islamophobes showing ordinary families constitutes “deception and obfuscation”,  an “attempt to manipulate Americans”, “propaganda”, “cultural jihad”.

The Florida Family Association stated:

Florida Family Association urged advertisers to stop supporting The Learning Channel’s new show All-American Muslim because it appeared to be propaganda designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims who are advancing Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law.  The show profiled only Muslims that appeared to be ordinary folks while excluding many Islamic believers whose agenda poses a clear and present danger to liberties and traditional values that the majority of Americans cherish. “

I must admit that the accusation of racism has become club to beat down any debate and the classification of disagreements as irrational fears is the next best weapon of choice these days.

I fully acknowledge the complexity of this issue.  I’ve recently shared my thoughts that demonizing an entire group of people is dangerous and can only lead to catastrophe.  That said, I think what I would like everyone to realize is that there are legitimate concerns about radical Islamists despite what our government and the media have been telling us.  And when I first heard about this issue (I don’t watch reality TV much so did not even know about the show) and was told that Lowe’s was pulling its advertisement dollars because it didn’t show Muslims as terrorists my first reaction was that it is probably not that simple.

Maybe what the actual concern is that the dangerous aspects of Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law are being ignored at best and covered up at worst.  Please consider the following to put the issue into perspective:

In November of last year, ACT! for America founder, Bridgitt Gabriel speaks at an anti-Sharia conference in Nashville. (NOTE: this was just one of the speakers, but I think it’s important that you watch this for a couple of reasons.  First to become aware of how much our educational institutions are being influenced by Islamic extremists, and second to compare and contrast what is said here with what is said at the Khilafah conference discussed below.)

This conference had originally been scheduled to be held at a Nashville hotel.  The hotel cancelled the event.  The reasons given were security concerns:

“Our decision has nothing to do about the conference’s content,” Steve Eckley, the senior vice president of hotels for Amerimar Enterprises, the hotel’s parent company. “This has to do with the security of our staff and clients.”

“The hotel’s decision was reportedly praised by the Islamic Center of Nashville, which said the conference would have promoted bigotry.”

So, the hotel cancelled the conference, we can surmise, because of threats of violence.  The Islamic Center said it would have promoted bigotry (accusations of bigotry are another favored choice of those who would shut down debate.)

The conference was held at a local Church and as a result they lost one of their speakers, Pamela Geller who stated:

“Geller, who runs the Atlas Shrugs anti-Islam blog, said in an e-mail: “While I have nothing against speaking in a church per se, I refuse to have my message driven from the public square. … Right now I’m more concerned with the marginalization and ghettoizing of our message of freedom. I am not going to consent to the attempts of the left and Islamic supremacists to drive our defense of freedom from public spaces.”

Now consider the Khilafah conference that was held in Chicago in June 2011.  Here is one of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s nifty promotional videos:

You can read more about the conference in a post by the Anti-Defamation League. You can also read some information about their 2009 conference in a post by the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

So, to sum up the situation a group that seeks to destroy this country and all it stands for successfully holds not one, but two conferences.  A group that seeks to object to and prevent them from reaching their goals is driven from the public square.

Maybe that is one of the reasons groups like the Florida Family Association objected to the TLC show.  When you only see one side of an issue it becomes easier to dismiss or ignore the aspects you probably should be paying attention to.

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Visit my Facebook Page

I have a Facebook page that you might consider “liking” if you are on Facebook.  Come join the discussion if you are so inclined.

Be sure to read the “posting” rules too.

Have a great day!

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2011 in review: Some interesting statistics for Restoring Honor Starts Here

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,800 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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SOPA: It’s not just about Piracy

Below is an update on my original post that was published in early 2011.  I find it timely in that we are now facing some of the same major issues with SOPA.  If you want to experience just what censorship looks like click on the links below “Fairness Doctrine” and “Net Neutrality.”  You will see, for a few seconds the information you want to read, which will be quickly replaced by the screen shot I have included in this post.  THAT’s what censorship looks like and that is what we need to object to loud and clear!

At first I did not understand what would be proved by having websites “go dark” today in protest.  I think I understand now.  Sometimes we have to actually lose something before we pay attention and take action.  This “going dark” by many websites is a way to experience it first hand in order to hopefully send a unified “NO” to the elite in Washington.

Net Neutrality, The Fairness Doctrine and “Kill Switches”

“To get the inestimable good that freedom of the press assures one must know how to submit to the inevitable evil it gives rise to.” –Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835

Klavan Explains “Liberal” Culture
Please watch this 5 minute video in which the gentleman gives you a summary of the Fairness Doctrine and Net Neutrality as it reflects the progressive culture; all of which are just elaborate ways of saying to their conservative counterparts:  “Shut up!”  If you do watch this you may want to skip reading the rest of this post, however, I hope you will read on…..there is a lot at stake.

Just before Christmas 2010 the FCC decided it had the power to regulate the internet.  Did you know that?  Do you wonder what that means?

Net Neutrality sounds great.  Most names progressives give to their actions and policies sound great, but a closer look is always advisable.  In my original post I directed readers to a short piece at the Tea Party Patriots, “Net Neutrality is Anything But Neutral” to outline some of the major concerns.  Although this link does not seem to direct you to the article I originally posted there is another article at Real Clear Politics that probably touches on some of the same concerns.   I think the term “Media Marxism” is a more accurate name for the goals of the FCC regulations.  “Equal access,” “Equal Rates, “Equal Service” sound like things we can all support but when put in the context of the progressive agenda they shine a bright light on the world view that gives birth to regulations like this and the “unintended consequences” they tend to ignore.  Some of these concerns are outlined at News with Attitude, one concern being one’s right to speak and publish freely on the internet which, in turn, assures that we continue to have unrestricted access to information….even information we disagree with.

Civil discourse and debate, even heated debate, is what keeps us free and our government “limited.”  However, the underlying assumption to this is that we can handle the responsibilities that these freedoms bring and progressives do NOT believe most people can do that, hence their advocacy for the Fairness Doctrine.  In fact, they’ve been teaching us for close to 100 years that we cannot handle freedom.  They believe that the “select few” who know what’s good for us need to impose their view of fairness, “social justice” and reality on us all.  I, for one, actually read the Huffington Post and Media Matters in order to test the strength of my beliefs.  Many people, however, rely on only one source of information.  Progressives want to “force” those people to hear “the other side of the argument.”  Somehow I don’t think the Huffington Post readership and the MSNBC viewers will be forced to read The Blaze or watch Glenn Beck.

At the time of my original post there was a great article at the The Constitutionalist Today titled America’s Enduring Strength that discusses the different world views as manifested in “right” and “left” ideologies.  I cannot locate the original article, however, there are many articles that contrast the differences in these world views.

Our Founders felt that our First Amendment rights were a vital part of finding an equilibrium between extremes.  They trusted that “We the People” would be able to figure out how to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness when presented with unfettered access to information and the unrestricted right to debate important issues.  They had seen firsthand what happens when people have no outlet for their frustrations.  Debate can be viewed as a sort of “safety valve.”  What happens when you shut this down?  At the time of my original post I had asked if you had considered what is happening in Egypt?  It seems to me that when people are denied information they will be at the mercy of whoever jumps in to fill that void.  The rumors and propaganda get mixed up with what is actually “truth” and this leaves the people at the mercy of individuals who may not have their best interests in mind.  Shutting down social media, internet and cellphone services did not calm things down it may have made it worse. This lead to a “lecture” from Secretary of State Clinton that Egyptian authorities needed to restore access immediately.  The irony is that our Congress was set to introduce a bill that would give what has been termed a “kill switch” power to our President.  (I don’t personalize this to “President Obama” because I don’t feel comfortable with ANY President of the US having power like this.)

Our Congress was set to introduce legislation that would give our President the power to seize control and even shut down the internet.  Senator Susan Collins (co-sponsor of the bill) says this legislation would not be used by the government to quell dissent.  You have to ask yourself if she actually BELIEVED this.  If so, she is, at best, naive.  Our Constitutional Republic was designed to limit the powers of government for a reason.  Someone once said, “Before you tear down a fence you better figure out why is was put up in the first place.” Our Founders put a fence around our federal government for a reason.  Very simply put, it was to protect our liberty and prevent any one person or group of people from possessing unlimited powers.  History has shown us again and again where that leads.

Also worth reading:

Huff Watch: A discussion of the bias and mission of the Huffington Post (which claims to be nonpartisan)

And, as always, I include related articles below which discuss both sides of the issue when possible…..in the interest of fairness.  I don’t need a law to make me do this because Restoring Honor Starts HERE!

Related articles

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What do Terrorists, Mr. Potter and the Grinch Have in Common?

Last December I wrote this post at another site.  Thought it was worth sharing again!  I hope your holidays are filled with joy!

Screenshot of Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in ...Image via Wikipedia

My favorite movie of all time is “It’s a Wonderful Life” but I have also always loved Seuss’ story: How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Although it might better be titled:  How the Grinch TRIED to Steal Christmas, because he didn’t succeed.  (The Grinch and Mr. Potter have a lot in common as I will discuss below 🙂

The Whos down in Whoville celebrated the spirit of Christmas without all the material stuff.  That’s what I would like to believe would happen even if someone ” packs up the presents!  The ribbons!  The wrappings!  The tags! And the tinsel!  The trimmings!  The trappings!…all that material “stuff” we’ve come to cherish.  Our true treasure is not something that anyone can take away from us.

Terrorists of all kinds try to “take away” things we treasure.  This includes not only material possessions but also includes economic and physical safety, peace of mind and even the freedom and liberties we have been blessed with to enjoy in this country.

I believe that’s is where the 12 values of the 9-12 Projects become very, very important.  That is why I believe it is more important than ever to be certain of what you believe.  I believe that if we hang on to these core values and principles, which serve as both anchor and compass, we will come through anything.

Did you ever hear the great advice, “Honesty is the best policy” as a child?  You have probably heard the story of George Washington chopping down an cherry tree and then stating to his father, “I cannot tell a lie.”  It is probably fiction, but it is meant show that one of the Founders and our first President was an honorable man and that this sense of honor was instilled in him at a young age.  One of the nine principles: “I must always try to be a more honest person than I was yesterday” embodies this value.  What if we each become more honest with each passing day?   Removing all lies from your life might be hard work, but I believe that the end result is worth it.  Knowing that you value honesty and striving to be an honest person is something no one can take from you.

Reverence can be defined as “honor or respect felt or shown” (as a noun) or as “to regard or treat with reverence” (as a verb.)  What do you revere? If you revere material possessions they can go away in the blink of an eye.  If you revere something that is more lasting, it cannot be taken away.  Our country’s Declaration of Independence ended with:  “With a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence…..”  In other words, the belief in something bigger than yourself which demands reverence and respect is where your treasure lies.  That belief, if planted in a firm foundation, can never be taken.

There is a line in a song that I love (When You Believe) that says: Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill.  A hope based on a transcendent source of truth is not only hard to kill, it cannot be killed.

Thrift is defined in one sense as:  the wise economy in the management of money and other resources; frugality. Living your life as a good steward of everything you have been given is not something that can be taken away if you are clear on what it is you believe.

Humility is the quality of being modest, reverential….never being arrogant, contemptuous or rude.  If this is one of the values that you hold dear, it cannot be taken away.  You may not be able to display humility at all times, but if it is something you find valuable and part of your belief system no one can take it from you.

Charity is usually thought of as something given to help the needy.  Even if all of your material possessions are taken away you can still perform acts of charity.  Another definition of charity is generosity toward others or toward humanity.  If this value is a part of your core set of beliefs, it is not something that can be taken from you.  It may become challenging to be charitable, but if your belief system incorporates this value it will remain with you.

This is the quality or condition of being sincere; genuineness, honesty and freedom from duplicity; closely tied to the first value listed which is honesty.  If this is part of “who you are” who could take it?

Moderation means being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme, but also can mean not violent or subject to extremes.   If this is  part of your core value system it will not disappear, even if you are placed in a position meant to push you into behaviors and actions that go against this belief.

Hard Work
I am not sure I need to define this because we all know what hard work is like. In addition, the sense of accomplishment when you see the results of your hard work is priceless.  If you believe that this is one of your core values, nothing can make that belief go away. 

Courage is defined as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.  I am not so sure about the “without fear” part, but the rest of the definition outlines something no one can take from you.  “Courage of your convictions” comes to mind.  If you believe in something and it is part of who you are people might make it difficult for you to express these openly, but it does not change the fact that it is part of what you believe.

Personal Responsibility
This is something I am afraid we have lost sight of in this country and, for that matter, in the world.  Suffering the consequences for bad decisions is something that has become politically incorrect.  We make “explanations” into “excuses” and no one learns anything and we ALL suffer.  However, if you believe that taking personal responsibility for your actions and decisions is a value that you hold, nothing can change that.

Gratitude can simply be defined as thankfulness.  The expression of gratitude is healthy and can generate optimism in the most trying of times.  Being grateful for the blessings in your life cannot be eliminated in rough times unless you willingly give this up.

Which leads to the conclusion on all of these values:  if you know what you believe and you choose to live life according to these values the only way they can be taken from you is if you give them up willingly.  I am not saying this is always easy as it is not.  And all of this reminds me of my favorite movie of all time: It’s a Wonderful Life.  Mr. Potter is a man whose value system is completely based on material possessions.  He watches throughout the movie as George Bailey struggles through life without many material possessions.  What he does have, though, is a solid core set of values.  He makes a difference in peoples lives because he lives by those principles and values.  He is rewarded in many ways and most of them are not “material” rewards.  His brother, Harry, refers to him at the end of the movie as “the richest man in town.”  The reason Mr. Potter hated him so much was because he could not “get his hands” on these riches.  He tries to take everything away from George but never succeeds because George’s values and principles could not be stolen.

Yes, I believe George was the richest man in town and that’s because he knew what is truly valuable in this life….and it IS a wonderful life!  Even if the Grinch takes all you have!

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Your Information Sources: Are they Left or Are they Right, or has the Ministry of Truth Been Established?

In George Orwell’s book 1984, there exists something called the ministry of truth.  I recently referenced this “fictional” ministry in regard to some emails I received.

First, I recently responded to the chain email going around regarding the “coincidences” involving Zucotti Park, where the OWS folks were camped.  Here is a version of it:

Hey, this is great boys and girls! Imagine the odds of this happening.

Do you know the park in NYC that the Wall Street protesters are occupying? Zucotti Park.

Did you know this park is not owned by the city? It is owned by Brookfield Properties.

Who was just hired by Brookfield Properties as an attorney? Vice President Joe Biden’s son.

Who sits on the board of Brookfield Properties? Mayor Bloomberg’s live in girlfriend.

Now, boys and girls, guess what company just recieved some of the last of the Obama Stimulus $$$$$$$. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s right, Brookfield Properties.

Isn’t life great boys and girls!

Hey, on a completely unrelated note, Wisconsin is shaping up to be the swing state in the 2012 presidential elections. Not Florida. Not Ohio. But Wisconsin.

Now, boys and girls, guess who owns the company that will be tabulating the electronic votes in Wisconsin. Thaaaaaaaaaaaat’s right, the biggest contributor to Obama, George Soros.

Whaaaaaaaat a coincidence boys and girls!

Remember what Stalin said. “He who votes does not have power. He who counts the votes has power”.

Here is my response:

Here is what Snopes says (although I do not trust them to give the full truth)


I find their information regarding the voting machines and George Soros suspect.  George Soros thinks he is God and he is involved in so much more than anyone knows.  What we DO know is that he has funded a project to put into place people HE deems worthy in the position of Secretary of State in each state.  Why? because the SOS is the person who reviews and calls the winners in elections if there is any controversy.  We are slowly being more and more controlled by the elite progressives and very few are paying attention.  Sometimes I get so frightened at how fast this is all happening….and there are many people who have no clue what is going on.  (I also pointed out that the quote attributed to Stalin may reflect his actions, however, I’ve found no evidence that he actually said this.  I’m pretty sure he would agree with it though 🙂

I also pointed out to those who have sent this email to me that I have been getting good information from fairly trusted sources via the internet and social media.  So far these have proven to be great resources because I believe social media is moving faster than the Progressives efforts to re-write history….or create the “Ministry of Truth.”  [I also recommend you find out who Cass Sunstein is and just how much power is already given to this real life “ministry.”]

I then shared with them a post from Trevor Loudon: Snared in the Soros Web which gave me pause.  Check it out.  Now, you WILL find posts and articles that minimize these findings.  They will say things that range from “Soros is not involved” to “so what if he gave $10,000 to this cause.  I do not believe that George Soros’ involvement in anything should be dismissed as irrelevant.  Do some research.  This man thinks of himself as God and is quite powerful.  He does not just donate money, he instills his world view into everything he tries to accomplish.  And I have to believe that most rational people would NOT agree with the end game he supports.  But, then again, the average person doesn’t get both sides of the argument.  They only get a left/Progressive leaning stream of information.

Yeah, I know a bunch of people don’t buy into that old “media bias” theory.  But I would ask that you humor me and watch the video below.

The video can be found at the Cato Institute website and I believe it is worthy of an hour of your time:

Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind.

Warning: it involves MATH!  However, the author of the book still makes it fairly easy to understand.  Watch it with an open mind.  Think about the possibilities of manipulation if the bias is slanted in EITHER direction.

Oh, and you might want to find out who Edward Bernays was….

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it? The recent practice of propaganda has proved that it is possible, at least up to a certain point and within certain limits.”[6]

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