A Matter of Perspective and World View: An Inauguration Day Message


As we witness another Inauguration Day we complete a ritual that is supposed to represent our system of government.  We believe we have followed the path our Founders showed us.  Have we?

How many people really understand the basis and origin for the things they believe in?  It colors their view of reality.  It dictates how they will behave and, yet, many of us fail to look closely at what it is that we are advocating.

Consider, for instance, a friend’s comment that “We’ve worked too hard to have (fill in your elected representative’s name) to let (fill in the opposition’s candidate) cancel out his/her vote.

Let that sink in for a minute….to cancel out the vote of the person I believe is operating under what I believe to be the superior world view.  Cancel out?  Our system of government is structured so that there is debate, reasoned debate based on real world outcomes.  We are supposed to argue.  We are supposed to even argue vigorously so that we do not take actions for which we have no understanding of what the unintended consequences might be.

Well, that is the way it is supposed to work but that has been corrupted and in some ways abandoned in order to allow for the Progressive Elite to tell us what is best for us.  If you don’t know that, maybe you should read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Read the Federalist Papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers and begin to really think about what is happening to our country.

I would like to state that there ARE ways our votes, the People’s votes, are “cancelled out.”

It is by voter fraud….massive voter fraud.

It is by candidates lying to their constituents; telling them they believe in the protections of our Founding Documents and then doing what is politically expedient and easier.

It is by circumventing the system because one thinks that the protections afforded by the Constitution are outdated and a nuisance.

It is by low-information voters casting their vote based solely on self-interest and emotion.

THAT is how our votes are cancelled out.

Our elected officials are supposed to present both sides of an issue and we are supposed to consider BOTH sides.  That is how our Constitutional Republic is supposed to work. We elect the person we feel represents what we believe to be the best path.

When the only votes are for one world view, that is not a representative government.  That is tyranny.

When the opposition is demonized and marginalized in order to “win” at any cost (see Rules for Radicals, the Bible of Progressives) that is not representative government.  That is a dictatorship.

So, I would ask you to think about this.  I would like you to think about having one “side” of the argument dictate the kind of world our children and grandchildren will inherit. Even if it is the side you believe in there is something you must always remember.  We are electing and placing power into the hands of flawed human beings.  Power ends up being the goal, not the common welfare.

Read some history and find out how that has worked out in the past.  You will find a lot of death accompanies this path.  Is that really what you want?

Is this Inauguration representative of a Constitutional Republic or something else?

Think about it.


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