The Tale of Truth and Parable & the Character Not Mentioned.

There is a wonderful story called Parable and Naked Truth.  It sums up the importance of “story” for learning and making sense of the world around us. Christ used story and parable to teach things that would have been lost and/or ignored had they been presented as “naked truth.” None of us REALLY wants to hear the naked truth.  It’s difficult.  It’s scary sometimes. And, it is sometimes difficult for us to believe because we don’t want the difficulties and fears that come with Truth.

So, as some versions of the story go, Truth talks with Parable about how to get people to listen to him.  Parable says Truth needs to “dress up in silks” in order to make it easier for people to hear.  To a point I agree with that.  Telling children a great story that demonstrates values and principles that you want them to internalize is much more effective than “lecturing” them.  I see that played out frequently as a storyteller and studies have indeed proven that to be the case.

I found a book some time ago; Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins.”  I found it fascinating and useful in my storytelling activities, but I was also struck by the fact that, as with all things, story could be used to achieve good ends but it could also be misused.

So, I would add a character to the story: the Lie.  We have to look beyond the silks that make the “truth” being presented to us look palatable and good.  We need to find information and compare what we are being told with the real world. (I’m thinking about writing a story “The Naked Lie and Propaganda.”  I’ll be sure to share it with you when I do:-)

I attended the RightOnline Conference in Las Vegas last weekend.  It was an incredible experience meeting with other Conservative and Libertarian bloggers.  I learned a lot that I hope will help me bring sunlight to the two narratives that are playing out in our country and our world today.

During the weekend I was struck by how two of my passions were actually coming together: storytelling and speaking truth about our country’s future.

In November of 2010 I wrote a post for my old blog site called: “Will We Allow Whoever Tells the Best Story to Win.”  It appears, however, that the title link to the article about challenging the Obama Narrative is no longer valid.  Wonder why and when it was taken down?  As I recall it contained some very useful information and made some good points.  My previous posts on the Obama Narrative might make some useful points for you so you might want to check them out.

I went on in the post to discuss the unbelievable response to a Tea Party gathering in Quincy, Illinois.  Some of our older citizens decided to exercise their First Amendment Rights during a visit from President Obama and the response was police in full riot gear.  Watch the video and just for fun contrast with what you’ve seen from OWS.  And for even more fun check out the video soon to be released: Occupy Unmasked.

I would like to note that the video at the Uppity Woman link also does not work, however, for some comic relief you should still watch the Monty Python skit about “Hell’s Grannies” which were referred to as “senile delinquents” in the post.  Go ahead watch it here…I’ll wait.

Yes, people, elderly people in lawn chairs brought forth the riot squad while Samir Shabazz gets a pass:

Some of the links in this post no longer work, but the message is clear: there are two world views, or “stories” at play here and it behooves us to know what the foundation for each really is.

We cannot just accept the “story” as truth unless our real world observations confirm them as Truth. The contrast between the story we are told about the Tea Party and OWS is just one example of the misuse of story.  I will continue to battle this in this blog and hope you will find something here worth sharing…even though I am “just a blogger.”  🙂

(Note: You also might want to read my post: “Telling the Truth: A Revolutionary Act.”)

Update: The Emperor’s Mistimed Misdirections This post is very much related to what I discuss above and one of my biggest fans brought it to my attention 🙂  …I would only add that the Emperor indeed has no clothes!

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