The 1% is Voting with Their Feet

Facebook Billionaire Gives Up Citizenship to Escape American Tax Policy

The 1% that OWS is so fond of demonizing is voting with their feet. You see, the billionaires will be able to move elsewhere. The small business owner that makes $200,00 or more?….many of them won’t have the choice but to stay here and get hosed. How many jobs ya think THAT will create?

I am also still wondering why there was no OWS presence at the million dollar fundraiser in Hollywood.

This should give you a crystal clear preview of the philosophy underlying Hope, Change, and Fundamental Transformation.  As they say, socialism is for the little people NOT the socialist.  And….BTW….compared to the Global economic situation, we Americans are ALL “rich.”  So, when you see that sign “Eat the Rich” be aware that YOU are on the menu.

The destruction of our system of government and Capitalism will not solve the problems it will just create different problems.  Problems that without sovereignty and our Constitutional Republic will be solved by the “elite.”  You will have little or no say in what the solutions are.  When the road leads to the elimination of “personal property”  you will no longer own your home…..the government will merely “let you live there.”

These changes won’t come by the government charging in to take possession.  They will, with the help of Cass Sunstein, create regulations that have the elimination of the concept of personal property as their end goal.  It is happening now.  How many of you know what is really in the Obamacare legislation?  Student loans?  Special taxes when you sell your home?  Find out.  You will not like what you see.  As I’ve said before:  It’s NOT just about healthcare….just as the HHS mandate is NOT just about birth control.

It’s about CONTROL and power.

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