Social Justice: What Exactly Does That Mean?

I really believe that it means something many people don’t understand and would not approve of if they understood.  I recommend an article:  Social Justice – Neo-Marxist Infiltration of the Christian Church in Wisconsin.

I believe when you assess and make a judgement about what is reflective of Scripture and what is not it would be a good idea to find out what the ultimate goal is.  Marxism has been described as a “godless religion.”  God has no place in this belief system.  That is why I find it distressing that Christians are being used to further the goals of Marxism and instead of living the lives that Christ asks them to live.

Have our churches been used to further things that are in no way based in God’s Word before?  Yes.  We need to learn from those mistakes to prevent that from happening again.

We listened to a sermon today about the incredible patience that God has with us.  That patience is sometimes misinterpreted as “inaction” and we wonder about His existence and presence in our lives.  I think that we get impatient with God and want to step in and “hurry things along” instead of following His Spirit.  I believe that then makes us fall into the trap of thinking something like Social Justice is a good idea.

Social Justice as understood by a Marxist is not the same as living a servant’s life.  It may be presented in a way that it sounds the same, but the end game, the goal is not the same.

We need to understand that fundamental difference if we are to judge how we are to live our lives.

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