Principles That Protect

I’d like you to view a few videos:

The first video introduces you, in case you are unaware, to the concept of New World Order and a little bit about what that means to the United States of America and to you. (Hat tip to Trevor Louden and Gulag Bound for bringing this to my attention so I could share it with you.)

Now please listen to Glenn Beck’s discussion regarding a film made by Hitler; showing how great he was treating the Jews (even if you think you “hate” Glenn Beck**, humor me and listen):

And here is part of the Nazi propaganda film he is referring to:

The question I’d like to ask is this:  If we eliminate the principles that our Founders codified in our founding documents and buy into the concept of the New World Order what keeps history like this from repeating itself?  Before you say “that’s ridiculous” tell me what specifically will keep history like this from repeating itself?

If you think you feel powerless now because you are so far removed from Washington, what happens when you are even farther removed?

Think about these things while you prepare yourself for the 2012 elections.  As the first video states, this is principle over party.  This is not anti-Obama, nor is it anti-George Bush, it is an effort to rally a defense for our system of government.

I know our system of government and our economic system have been presented as the source of most of the world’s problems.  I would ask you to step back from that and look at not just what we’ve done “wrong” but include in your analysis what we have stood for that is “right.”

Now is the time to start educating yourself.  It is your responsibility as a voter.  If you’ve watched these videos and started thinking about these issues, it’s a good start.

With firm reliance on Divine Providence,

Liberty Belle 76

**Note:  There are, of course, people who will give you an entirely different interpretation of history.  Here is one.  The author tries to make the case that Hitler was more “conservative” than “liberal.”  I believe that presents a “false choice” however before you buy into either I’d suggest reading Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg as well as Deitrich Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas.

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1 Response to Principles That Protect

  1. Hi There Libertybelle76,
    Very interesting, Many believe that a group of highly powerful Politicians, businessman, bankers, Media Magnates, Journalists, military, education industry, police, Intelligence agencies, doctors, mental health experts, celebrities, scientists, weapon industry, war merchants and so on secretly orchestrate global events in order to create a one world government. Do they or is it all superstitious nonsense?
    Keep up the good work

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