6 Responses to Some Thoughts on D-Day

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  5. PA Pat says:

    Yes, the American people are altruistic at heart and willing to fight to secure freedom for ourselves and others. Unfortunately this idealism on occasion has been exploited by the power elite to support military actions which were unnecessary and unjust.

    War sometimes is not about acquiring territory but about establishing or maintaining hegemony to exploit territory economically. My Uncle Pat fought as a Marine in Haiti and Nicarauga, where he saw captured comrades who had been skinned alive. It is tragic these brave men suffered and gave their lives essentially to protect the business interests of the Grace family and other wealthy fatcats. There are numerous other examples where we militarily have supported oppressive regimes because their leaders “play ball” with our corporate exploiters.

    More recently, we have the war in Iraq, which I believe was unnecessary, and waged mainly to bolster security for the Saudis and other oil providers in the region, as well as to try to gain control of the Iraqi petroleum resources (to be exploited for the benefit of the Big Energy oligarchy). A secondary motive likely was the funneling of many dollars from our treasury into the pockets of contractors who were corporate cronies and financial supporters of the Bush administration.

    In this case, the strategic miscalculations and cultural misunderstandings rendered the Iraq enterprise a shameful waste of brave young patriots, as well as the nation’s financial health.

    I understand there is an argument that our freedom is somewhat dependent on our economic well-being, hence we need to secure resources and markets in proactive strategic defense of liberty. That is a matter for moral debate.

    Keep in mind that most Third World nationals, bearing the scars of European colonialism, view our economic and political interventions as imperialism rather than altruism. The American citizenry in our naivete think we are acting to bring aid and promote freedom, and are outraged when we are viewed as enemies and attacked.

    Personally, I’d rather pay $20/gallon, ride the bus or walk to the store before I’d ask someone to risk sacrificing a parent, child or sibling for the sake of cheap gas. I know only too well how great such sacrifices are.

    So, as we honor the heroic citizen-soldiers of D-Day, it is our duty to hold our leaders to close scrutiny and fierce accountability, that our soldiers’ sacrifices truly are to defend our freedom, and not to promote some economic agenda.

    A good start would be to get your Tea Party minions to pester their Congressmen to pull the plug ASAP on our adventurism with respect to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere. Militarily, we need a lot more “Horse Soldiers” and a lot less “Fiasco”.

    • A better start would be to restore the integrity of our Constitutional Republic so that whoever attains political power is restrained from interpreting our Constitution in whatever way they wish. There are principles and values to which we need to return; values and principles that don’t “change.” Mistakes have been made partly because we are human and that’s what we do 🙂 And partly because many have lost any sense of a moral compass.

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