I Won’t Back Down

Been on vacation and just getting back to blogging.  As a kick off I’d like to share a song by Johnny Cash; I Won’t Back Down.  This is something I would like to hear from a Conservative candidate for the office of President.  I’d like them to take a stand for conservative principles that restore the integrity of our Constitutional Republic and NOT BACK DOWN.  As it says in the song”

You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down!

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2 Responses to I Won’t Back Down

  1. PA Pat says:

    Ma Belle Amie,

    Some food for thought:

    This great song was written by Johhny Cash’s friend Tom Petty (Full Moon Fever, his first solo album). Both Johnny and Tom, as true-blue populists, likely would stand against the type of conservative candidate you propse.

    That phony conservative and corporate tool, G W Bush tried to use this song as a theme in one of his presidential campaigns, but was forced to desist when Petty indicated he opposed Bush’s policies and threatened to sue. Hence, you won’t see Bachmann, Perry, Palin or any other neo-con icon ever get to use the song. Similarly, the great Bruce Springsteen has nixed attempts by Reagan and others to exploit “Born In The USA” (which they stupidly failed to realize is a protest song).

    My own fond memory of this song is when Petty sang it at the concert to benefit 9/11 victims back in 2001. Now THAT packed an emotional wallop.

    I believe your Tea Party movement is motivated by a correct recognition that our American democracy is ailing and by a sincere impulse to remedy those ills. However, I am puzzled and frustrated that lobbyists controlled by the wealthy power elite have been able to hijack the movement and misdirect it away from the real root of uur problems.

    Which is: Our government has been thoroughly corrupted by BIG global corporations and their attendant wealhy class who have bought enough politicans in both parties that government and the judiciary operate primarily for their benefit rather than that of the citizenry as a whole. This power elite is patriotic only towards their class and interests, and this extends to cooperating with their allied international elites.

    This endemic corruption is why our government is broken, We need campaign finance reform and strong ethics laws to remedy this, not a reduction in taxes and government, which actually would translate into a significant reduction in protections and quality of life for the mass of citizens.

    The main role of government is to protect the people from predators. The failure of recent administrations to enforce regulations, and the legislative castration of attempted reforms are what have caused the financial ripoffs, bailouts, environmental rapes. payoffs to cronies, and economic imperialism which are plaguing us.


    Come back to us Belle, we the people need your passion and support. Don’t be misled by their phony cultural issues and fearmongering. For a start, check out the following book which discusses how the Republicans/Bluedog tools of the power elite have been playing folks for suckers. The author fails to show how the Democrats have been rendered ineffective by corruption, but it is a start as to how they misdirect and manipulate:

    Also, you can’t go wrong reading anything by Matt Taibbi, he is a truthteller who spares no side. Some of his great work on the financial ripoff is available at the Rolling Stone site.

    • I would like to thank you commenting in a civil tone. Cannot even repeat some of the names I’ve been called and insults I’ve received. (Those types of comments don’t get approved 🙂 I agree with much of what you say, however, would clarify that it is a problem of world view. I am not puzzled by the “wealthy power elite” hijacking anything….it is WHAT THEY DO. They are smarter than all of us, or so they think. They use “big government” because big government means they are in charge, not We The People. Government that works is a restored Constitutional Republic and that means small and limited government. Not sure exactly what phony cultural issue or fearmongering you refer to, but your use of the word fearmongering tells me that your world view is probably a bit different from mine. But, hey , that’s ok. Your comments are welcome and I will consider them…..as long as they remain civil and constructive. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Blessings, LB

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