A Time for Choosing: The Ides of May

Let’s face it.  At some point you need to decide how you will take a stand for what you believe… because not deciding is a decision.  The election of 2012 is of very great importance, however, there are a few pressing issues on which you might wish to take a stand.  And they are all scheduled for mid May.

Steven Lerner wants to create another financial crisis in mid-May.

Freedom Flotilla II is set to sail in mid-May.

A strategy to invade Israel posted on Facebook has a target date of May 15th. In case you missed it and did not join the almost 300,000 fans before FB removed the page here it is: (WARNING: graphic language and images)

Although Mr. Lerner’s plan to destroy Wall Street and those evil banks is distressing I’d like to focus on the other two.  These two items create a very dangerous situation for Israel.

In a great blog post The Descent of Evil Over America the author gives you an introduction to Samantha Power (currently an adviser to President Obama on the National Security Council) and her creation: The Responsibility to Protect Doctrine.  As always, the words and phrases used in progressive-speak SOUND great, but, as they say, the devil is in the details.  For one detailed analysis of this doctrine you can read The US Should Reject the UN “Responsibility to Protect” Doctrine.  One of many important points made in this article that we need to consider is:

If wholly accepted as official U.S. policy, the R2P doctrine would greatly expand U.S. obligations to prevent acts of genocide around the world. More important, adoption of R2P would effectively cede U.S. national sovereignty and decision-making power over key components of national security and foreign policy and subject them to the whims of the international community.

So, what has Samantha Power said about what she would recommend in regards to Palestine and Israel should she have the ear of the president?  The question put to her was basically what would she advise should “one party or the other” appear to be moving toward genocide.  See the video below for her response:

Moving toward genocide?  Is there evidence that this is happening with either party?  Samantha seems to think there is an “abundance” of information.  However, I believe we need to take great care to find the truth of the situation.  I actually did some research to find some of this information.  I came away with facts that were presented from either the Palestinian viewpoint OR the Israeli viewpoint.  I understand that violence has taken place from both sides but I find it difficult to put any of it into a context that would help the average person make a decision as to where they stand. It is possible to find the truth, but the media sources don’t make it easy.

Consider the following video regarding the British media’s apparent bias in reporting:

Once again we see the vital importance of determining WHO gets to define the terms.  If you do not have a complete picture, in context, of what is actually happening I don’t believe you can make an informed choice on where you stand.  It appears to me, given all that is going on in the Middle East that the world, once again, is allowing the Jewish people to be demonized….and we all know where that lead before.  As I type this I hear a report that a bomb has exploded in a Jewish synagogue in L.A.  The reporter states that 72% of all religious hate crimes in the United States are committed against those of Jewish faith. 

The Responsibility to Protect doctrine was one of the justifications used for our intervention in Libya so it is vital that you understand what that means.  There is a great summary of this doctrine at the New Zeal blog:  Responsibility to Protect: The End of National Sovereignty As We Know It? Using this doctrine to make a major national security decision by seeking the permission of the United Nations Security Council and neglecting to even have a chat with Congress, President Obama has taken another step toward “making Congress irrelevant” and furthering the dismantling of our Constitutional Republic.

In the article at New Zeal Trevor Loudon asks:  “What does that catchy little phrase (R2P) mean?”  “Where did it come from?”  and “What are it’s implications?”  The last question being the one I wish fervently more Americans would ask themselves more often. He ends his post with:

“Responsibility to Protect” means the  end of national sovereignty.  It mandates the surrender of any nation state’s legal authority over their own citizenry and armed forces to a supra-national body, with the power to sanction or destroy any deemed “rogue” nation – does Israel spring  to mind?

Are you aware of what happened to the Fogel family in Itamar in March?  Israeli National News makes a case that this type of violence is deliberately incited by the Palestinian Authority. The UK Guardian states “Israelis and Palestinians in Shock After the Massacre.”

The two most interesting posts on the Itamar massacre come from Solomonia.  On March 12th the post says:  Gaza Residents Hand Out Candy to Celebrate Itamar Massacre. Then on March 16th the post reads:  Did all Palestinians Celebrate the Itamar Massacre? The author’s answer to that is:  No. He then ends with:

I would suggest that it indicates that it’s just possible that if the so-called friends of the Palestinians could stop inciting and catering to the most extreme voices, then maybe, just maybe, we might be able to get someplace.

Stop inciting and catering to the most extreme voices.  I can get on board with that.  Can you?  To do this we have to fully understand the world view, motives and goals of the leaders in Israel, those who are sponsoring the Freedom Flotilla II, people like Samantha Power, and those rushing in to fill the leadership void created in Egypt, Libya, and the other countries surrounding Israel that are in turmoil.

If we take the responsibility to develop a complete understanding of these things we will be able to put things that might happen on May 15th into context and take a stand that is based on the truth.

(Note:  you might wonder, why May 15th?  One fact you might want to consider is that this is Israel’s Independence Day.)

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