The Federal Reserve: It’s Time for an Audit!

Above are two videos.  One is an exchange between former Representative Alan Grayson and the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve, the other is a very concise history of the Federal Reserve.  I believe it is time to pay quite a bit more attention to just who runs the Fed and how they operate.

If you missed Glenn Beck’s discussion about the Fed’s history here’s one of the segments.  E stands for Education!  It’s time we all learned more!

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2 Responses to The Federal Reserve: It’s Time for an Audit!

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  2. Bob Baker says:

    Keep up the good work. If we can end the fed, and Ron Paul represents our best hope to do that, we could be free people again. Many of the other problems would solve themselves. The FED is the root of all corruption in Washington, D.C.

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