Update for my post on NPR

I have a commitment to be sure to present, to the best of my ability, information that I have found to be reliable.  In my previous post The Progressive World View is Alive and Well at NPR I offered a link to an undercover “sting” video published by James O’Keefe.

When viewing this video there is plenty of evidence that the progressive world view rules with many NPR executives, however, as with any video like this one always needs to be aware that it is not “raw” footage.  Videos like these are often clipped/edited for clarity, etc. and one has to be sure that the final product presents an accurate picture of what took place.

There is an article at the Blaze that questions some of the assumptions that could be made from what is presented on the video.  It is worth reading and considering and I offer it here as a follow up to my earlier post.

My agenda is to present “truth” to the best of my abilities.  I believe the truth is that the progressive world view IS alive and well at NPR, however, the “kowtowing” to the Muslim Brotherhood may not be an entirely accurate interpretation.  Read the article, watch the video, then decide for yourself.

I offer this post because Restoring Honor Starts Here….with me.

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