This is What Saul Alinsky Tactics Look Like

Saul Alinsky visits Ohio for Senate Bill 5 is a must read for those who want a close look at the treatment afforded protesters who supported fiscal responsibility by pro-union demonstrators in Ohio.  If you are not familiar with Saul’s Rules for Radicals, perhaps you need to check it out of your local library.  It is, in many circumstances, recommended reading for your children so that might be another reason to become familiar with his world view and his recommended tactics.  You can move from there to becoming familiar with Fances Fox Piven.

The article is long, so I share the portion that brought tears to my eyes:

Youngstown, OH – Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Youngstown area is UNION with all capital letters. Anita Fraser, President of the Tri-County TEA Party in Youngstown was taking the lead on this event because it was in her home area…..

As Anita tried to find a place for those few Patriots who did managed to get to the hangar, they were immediately surrounded and faced the most vicious verbal abuse imaginable.  Anita Frasier is no prude by any stretch of the imagination, but she told me that she heard new insults that she had never heard before in her life. The State Police were in charge of security and they did not protect Anita or her people. She said at least twenty men came past her and intentionally bumped into her shoulders until her arms were aching.  At one point men with axe handles or big sticks came toward the group, and when they did, all the state troopers disappeared. The guys just stood in front of them waving the axe handles.  When one guy with the axe handles approached Anita, she was with a woman news reporter who just ran away and never reported what she had seen.

These are not isolated occurrences.  If you read the entire article you will find other similar incidents, although this one seemed to be the worst to me.  President Obama requested that the union protesters not be vilified.  Has not the Tea Party movement been vilified?  Did I miss his press conference where he asked that these people not be vilified and called obscene names?  If I did, send me the link and I will update this post….but I don’t think you are going to find anything.

The pro-union demonstrators are not all just folks wanting to protect their “rights,”although some of them probably are.  Many of them are radicals whose goal is not just to protect the unions ability to conduct collective bargaining.  The goal is much bigger than that.

Listen to the words of the Democratic Socialists of America, the Communist Party USA, and the Worker’s World Party.

Look closely at their view of what actually changes to our Constitutional Republic when their various utopias are implemented.

Refresh your memory about Communist Party USA Goals as presented in 1963.

Read about what has actually happened in socialist and communist regimes in the past.

Develop a deep understanding of what their world view means to you, your family and the inalienable rights you now enjoy.

THEN decide where you stand on these issues.  Your world is changing at a breathtaking rate.  Make an educated and enlightened decision about which world view you believe leads to liberty and which one leads to a world I KNOW you would not like to find yourself living in.

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