Conspiracy Theories Update

Bylaws Disappear From the Muslim Brotherhood’s English Language Site

As a follow up to my Conspiracy Theories post I share the link above.  The link takes you to an article that has an archived version of the web page in question.  It is also worth noting that the Arabic language site still has the bylaws still posted.  Why the removal of the bylaws from the English Language site?  Are there attempts to conceal the real agenda of this group?  This article indicates that there are and provides sources and links for the facts presented.

And, as a reminder:  The truth has no agenda.

March 4th UpdateMedia Matters doesn’t like the moderate Muslim voice of reason expressed by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser

March 8th Update: Coptic Christians killed by Egyptian military? An interesting development given the quote in the NYTimes by Sally Moore, a Coptic Christian:

“I like the Brotherhood most, and they like me,” said Sally Moore, a 32-year-old psychiatrist, a Coptic Christian and an avowed leftist and feminist of mixed Irish-Egyptian roots. “They always have a hidden agenda, we know, and you never know when power comes how they will behave. But they are very good with organizing, they are calling for a civil state just like everyone else, so let them have a political party just like everyone else — they will not win more than 10 percent, I think.”

A hidden agenda and “you never know when power comes how they will behave?”  I guess she was right about that.  I will pray for her safety.

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