What do Egypt and Wisconsin have in Common? -OR- You’re Not the Boss of Me!

Remember that?  As a child you probably said it to someone in a position of authority who was trying to get you to eat your broccoli or come in and get ready for bed on a school night.  It was usually said with little or no effect on the outcomes.  However, you knew somewhere deep down inside that this person was there to take actions to keep you alive into adulthood and perhaps set up the circumstances for you to become a successful and happy adult.

Not so with a young Madison socialist who is there in Wisconsin showing “solidarity” with the protesting public union members and who has been “studying history” and teaching others about the class struggle between the ruling class and the working class.  I absolutely beg you to watch this video then return for my editorial comments.  See you in six minutes and 45 seconds…..

Did you KNOW that those in your life who taught you to be responsible and dependable adults and those people who offered you a job in return for a salary are DICTATORS?  No?  Neither did I.  If you aren’t making decisions together with your employees you are a dictator.  Aaron Kennedy, the founder of Noodles (where this young socialist works and receives a paycheck) started out in his basement, maxed out eight credit cards, worked hard and now owns a $75 million franchise.  Along the way he transitioned from a working guy who was trying to build his American Dream into a ruling class dictator.  I’m a little fuzzy on just how that happened, but that’s another story, another post.

So, how do employees fight this brutal dictatorship?  Well, according to Rob (also known as “comrade what-do-you-mean-I-gotta-be-ON-TIME-for-work?), you convince your fellow oppressed employees to unionize and take control of the business!  What happens to the owner, you might ask.  Well Rob and his fellow socialists have the answer to that.  IF the owner decides to cooperate with the employees who have just seized his business and work with them as “equals” he gets to stay.  If not….well, I’m not clear on that outcome but I don’t think it’s a good one for that fascist dictator who called himself the boss.

The link to the video takes you to a site that has a notes by the video maker about the founder and owner of Noodles.  He did not come from the “privileged class.” He worked hard and built up a successful company.  As the video maker states: This is what the American Dream looks like. I would add that this is what a free market functioning in a Constitutional Republic looks like.

Under Rob’s plan, the status and security that the owner achieved through taking risks and working hard would be forfeit.  He would become “equals” with some guy who comes in to fill out an application, losing everything he has achieved by building the business from the ground up.  To me that’s not “social justice” it’s a crime, but my world view differs drastically from Rob’s.  How about you?  What do you think?  I suggest you start thinking long and hard about Rob’s plan because , as the video maker so astutely points out: This is what Socialism looks like.

For more on International Socialists and their particular definition of the American Dream (it is NOT what you might think) visit TheBlaze.com


For an eye-opening look at the Workers World Party’s goals watch this video.

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